David’s paternal grandmother, Emily Dooley, was born in Tunstall, Staffordshire in 1880, she moved to Manchester and entered into service at Cheetham Hill. Her parents were Stephen Dooley from Tunstall and Emily Longdon from Burslem. They had 12 or 13 children, all girls except for George.

Individual members of the Dooley family (in family tree order)

Stephen Dooley Stephen Dooley was born in about 1847 in Tunstall. He married Emily Longdon in 1869. In 1881 Stephen (a potters ovenman) and Emily are living at 34 Church Street, Wolstanton and have five children: George, Hannah, Mary Elizabeth, Louisa and Emily. Family history says that there were thirteen children in all – twelve girls and one boy. By 1901 the family had moved to Swadlincote and Stephen was employed as ‘a dipper at potworks’; Stephen (now 54) was living with his wife Emily (now 53) and young daughter Sarah Jane, who was twelve years old and described as ‘Assists House Keeping’.
George Dooley George Dooley was born in 1870 in Tunstall, the son of Stephen Dooley and Emily Longdon. In 1881 George was living with his parents at 34, Church Street, Wolstanton. By 1901 George had married Elizabeth (from Wheatley in Oxfordshire) and they are living in Wolstanton with their three young children: Reginald, Hilda and Evelyn.
Hannah Dooley Hannah Dooley was born c 1874 in Tunstall, the daughter of Stephen Dooley and Emily Longdon. Her life has not been researched yet.
Mary Elizabeth Dooley Mary Elizabeth Dooley was born c 1876 in Tunstall, the daughter of Stephen Dooley and Emily Longdon
Louisa Dooley Louisa Dooley was born c 1878 in Tunstall, the daughter of Stephen Dooley and Emily Longdon. She may have been called Louise and was known as Louis.
Emily Dooley Emily Dooley was born c 1880 in Tunstall, the daughter of Stephen Dooley and Emily Longdon; at 4 months old (1881) she was living with her family at 34 Church Street, Wolstanton. By 1901 Emily had left the family home and was in service in Cheetham Hill, Manchester as a general servant domestic. She married a Mr Frimston and had a son, Reginald Frimston; after his death she married Henry Hartigan in 1915 and had three children: Doris, Lily and James Henry Hartigan. Emily died in Salford at the age of 86.
Sarah Jane Dooley Sarah Jane Dooley was born c 1890 in Sandford, the daughter of Stephen Dooley and Emily Longdon. It is believed that Sarah Jane later lived at The Crescent in Salford.


Dooley Tree

This part of the Dooley family is from Stoke-on-Trent and Salford, UK

Dooley  Tree

 Dooley Family

Dooley History

great great grandfather George Dooley (1820-)
great grandfather Stephen Dooley (c1847-)
grandmother Emily Dooley (1880-1996)
father  James Henry Hartigan (1923-2000)
David David Hartigan

This is just a part of the family tree, the generations are all colour coded, the direct line is in Bold

George Dooley (1820-) m Sarah Meir (1819-)
Lois Dooley (1840-)
John Dooley (1843-)
Stephen Dooley  (1846) m Emily Longdon (1848) in 1869
George Dooley  (1869) m Elizabeth Emma Rainger (1872)
Reginald Dooley (1898)
Hilda Dooley (1899)
Evelyn Dooley (1900)
Hannah Dooley  (1873)
Mary Elizabeth Dooley  (1875)
Lois Dooley  (1878)
Emily Dooley  (1880-1966) m (1) Edwin Frimston in 1907 and (2) Henry Hartigan in 1915
Daughter Hartigan
Lily Hartigan
James Henry Hartigan (1923-2000) m Olive May McNally (1925-1983)
David James Hartigan m Barbara Hilary Belton in 1984
Matilda Dooley (1886)
Sarah Jane Dooley  c 1889
Henry Dooley (1849-)

The Dooley family lived atTunstall, Stoke-on-Trent. Emily Dooley was one of 13 children – 12 girls and a boy called George Dooley. Aunty Tilly (Matilda) and her mother came to Manchester, the others stayed in Stoke. The grandmother lived in Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent.

Emily Dooley had a brother, George, and a sister, Louise. I have a note that Emily’s mother may have been born in Burslem, near Stoke-on-Trent.


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