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My great grandfather, John Alexander Ralston, was thought to have been Scottish; he spoke with a Scottish accent and pronounced sixpence as “saxpence”. Mum says that he had a very bad temper, would deliberately frighten his wife and the children, that the mothers of his apprentices were so angry with him that they called him a “street angel, house devil”. But he seemed to like my mother and would give her (as a little girl) ‘saxpence’ for sweets, possibly because he approved of her father who ‘had a trade’ as a marine engineer.

When we typed “Ralston” into Google’s search engine, we didn’t expect to find a Ralston living in Liverpool as far back as 1832, but there, in the Liverpool Poll Book, was Alexander Ralston, a block maker, of Upper Frederick Street, Liverpool. A block maker could have been involved in the making of blocks and tackle for the ships; Upper Frederick Street is close to the riverside, in a line with Salthouse Dock, amongst others, and many of the inhabitants of Upper Frederick Street and nearby streets were engaged in marine related industries and businesses. Alternatively, a block maker could have been involved with the making of blocks for printing presses – the family history makes either possible at the moment.

With all the Scottish connections we were again surprised to find that great grandfather John Alexander Ralston was born in Liverpool, as was his father, David Ralston, who was born in Liverpool in 1830. David Ralston was also a blockmaker, just like his father, Alexander Ralston, in 1832. It may well have been Alexander Ralston who came to Liverpool from Scotland, and more research is required.

Starting with Alexander Ralston



Ralston Tree

This part of the Ralston family is from Liverpool, UK

 Ralston Tree

Ralston Family

Ralston History


great great great grandfather Alexander Ralston
great great grandfather David Ralston (1831-1914)
great grandfather John Alexander Ralston (1860-1929)
grandmother Gertrude Maud Ralston (1903)
mother  Barbara Salthouse
Hilary Barbara Hilary Belton
Alexander Ralston (-1859) m Sarah Coleman (-1876) 8 Aug 1827, Liverpool
Sarah Ralston (1828-), Liverpool
David Ralston (1830-1914), m Catherine Dodd, c1853 in Liverpool
David Ralston 1854
Ann J Ralston 1858
John Alexander Ralston (1860-1929) m Amelia Ellery (1869-) in Liverpool, 26 May 1860 at St Mary’s Church, Edge Hill, West Derby
William Ralston 1886 m Ethel
David Ralston
Raymond Ralston
John Alexander Ralston 1892 m Bella
Alexander Ralston
David Ralston 1894 m Edith Marian Swinnerton
Amelia Ralston 1898 m James McLusky
Gertrude Maud Ralston 1903 m James Thomas Salthouse
James Thomas Salthouse 1923
Barbara Salthouse m William Arthur Belton
Barbara Hilary Belton
Albert Ralston 1908
Doris Ralston 1910 m Jack Mann they lived in Poole, Dorset; Jack was manager of a furniture store.
James Ralston (1834-), Liverpool
??James Gregson Ralston (1835-), Liverpool
Mary Ann Ralston (1837-), Liverpool m Thomas Davies in 1859, then James Hunter
Elizabeth Ann Davies (1860-)
Sarah Ann Davies (1862-)
Robert Davies (1864-)
Thomas Davies (1867-)
William J Hunter  (1875–)
Eva Hunter  (1877–)
Minnie Hunter  (1880–)
 Sarah Ralston (1839-). Liverpool
Ann Jane Ralston (1843-). Liverpool


Jim Salthouse was a marine engineer, he served in the Merchant navy in WW1. He married Gertrude Maud Ralston (Maud) at the Liverpool Register office. For many years they lived in Liverpool and had a cycle shop on Lodge Lane called Jim’s Cycles. They lived in Birmingham for a while and later moved to North Wales.

Alexander Ralston’s family probably came from Edinburgh but he was born in Liverpool and married Amelia Ellery in Liverpool. They had seven children. It is believed that one of the grandchildren emigrated to Australia

John Alexander Ralston m Miss Amelia Ellery

John Alexander Ralston m 

 Alexander (Young Alec) Ralston  

David (Dave) Ralston m Bella Swinnerton

 Margaret (Peggy) Ralston      

William (Willy) Ralston m Ethel

 Doris Ralston (d of infantile paralysis at about 18)

    Raymond Ralston

Amelia (Milly) Ralston (1898)m James (Jim) McClusky

Gertrude Maud Ralston (1907)m James Thomas Salthouse

 John Thomas Salthouse (d aged 23 days)

Barbara Salthouse m William Arthur Belton

 Barbara Hilary Belton

Albert Ralston (unmarried)

Doris Ralston m Jack Mann










Uncle Willy’s wife was Ethel, they had 2 children, Doris died at about age 18 of infantile paralysis, Raymond Ralston was a compositor on the Daily Post at Liverpool. He is believed to have emigrated to Australia.


Auntie Milly had been engaged to George Voss who emigrated to America and married someone else!


Albert Ralston was a batman in the Army in WWII. Died of cancer. Living with Aunty Milly when he died because Doris had already left and married. He had been living at Shellingford Road.


Doris and Jack lived in Poole, Dorset. When they got married he was 21 but she was about 41, however, she put her age on the marriage certificate as 31. They were married in London, where his family lived. He was a manager of the furniture department at a big multiple store. 


Please remember that the information on this website is only accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. If any of the information is relevant to your own research, please double-check the sources.

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