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The corner of Ash Leigh

My grandfather, James Thomas Salthouse, was living at 4 Ash Leigh, Everton, in 1901.Jim, as he was known, was the youngest child of William Salthouse and Janet Braidwood and he was born in Everton, Liverpool, in 1897. His father, William, was born in Nether Alderley

Ash Leigh no longer exists but is shown on the Alan Godfrey Map based on the Ordnance Survey Map of 1906. Although addressed as Anfield or Everton it is often referred to as being in Walton. On modern maps the area is now a school between Oakfield and St Ambrose Grove, opposite the Holy Trinity Church.

This photograph is of a house on the corner of Ash Leigh and Walton Breck Road and probably suggests the type of housing in the area. At the extreme right edge of the picture is the entrance to the small estate of old houses, Ash Leigh was roughly at the top of the loop, one of the larger houses  – all that is left now is a few setts on a few yards of roadway.

A school has been built on part of the Oakfield houses.

If only there were more hours in the day………..

I would draw a map of the area and show where the Salthouse family lived – and how close they lived to the Braidwood family and the Baxendales and another Salthouse family, Thomas Carter Salthouse, and how the names of the streets changed and who built the houses. It’s all on my computer, I just need more hours in the day!

The Thomas Carter Salthouse connection (if there is one) is particularly interesting. William Salthouse left the police force to go into business on his own account, subsequent census returns show him as foreman hide and leather warehouseman carrier. Thomas Salthouse had a hide and leather warehouse at (or he lived at) 224 Scotland Road. Any family connection must be two generations back in the 18th century. Did William join his second cousin’s business? At the moment we have no way of knowing, but they did live surprisingly close to each other: cutting an interesting story short, when William Salthouse and his family were living at 4 Ash Leigh, Everton in 1901, Thomas Carter Salthouse was living at 2 St Ambrose Grove, Everton – the two houses, although fronting onto different streets, were actually only yards away from each other.

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