Bradley Tree

The Bradley family appears to have been from Didsbury and Prestbury

Bradley Tree

great great great grandmother Sophia Bradley m Anthony Salthouse
great great grandfather  John Salthouse
great grandfather  William Salthouse
grandfather  James Thomas Salthouse 
mother  Barbara Salthouse 
Hilary Barbara Hilary Belton
Sophia Bradley m Anthony Salthouse in 1802 at Cathedral, Manchester
John Salthouse  (1818-) m Lucy Walters  (1822-1875) in 1842
Sophia Salthouse m Francis Worth
William Salthouse  (1844) m Janet Braidwood (1851) in 1871
Lucy Salthouse (1872) m
William Salthouse (1874)
John Braidwood Salthouse (1876) m Mary Esther Roust in 1903
Francis Walters Salthouse (1883) m Maud Foster
Doris Salthouse 
Alfred Salthouse (1885) m Dorothy
Marjorie Salthouse m Ernest William Lindsay 
Harold James (Doug) Salthouse m Catherine Hogarth 
Dorothy Salthouse
Ronald (Ronnie) Salthouse
Alfred (Alfie) Salthouse m Ada Thomas
Janet Salthouse (1890) m Mr Johnston
Andrew Salthouse
James Thomas Salthouse (1897) m Gertrude Maud Ralston (1903)
James Thomas Salthouse (1923-1923)
Barbara Salthouse m (1) Edmund William Burton (Jim); m (2) William Arthur (Bill) Belton
Barbara Hilary Belton
Annie Salthouse  (1846-1906)
John Salthouse  (1847-1871)
Alfred Salthouse (1849-1850)
James Salthouse (1851) m Fanny Holding in 1878
William Salthouse
Fanny Salthouse
Annie Salthouse
Samuel Salthouse (1853-1877)
Daughter Salthouse (1855-1855)
Lucy Salthouse  (1859-19–) m Edward Potts  in 1895
Herbert E Potts  (1898-1918)
Winifred Annie Potts  (1901-) m Charles Frederick Dutton in 1923
Herbert Salthouse (1860-1864)

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