Longdon Tree

This part of the Longdon family is connected with Stoke-on-Trent, UK

 Longdon Tree

Longdon Family

Longdon History


great grandmother Emily Longdon c1857
grandmother Emily Dooley (1880-1996)
father  James Henry Hartigan (1923-2000)
David David Hartigan


Emily Longdon (1848) m Stephen Dooley (1847) in 1869
George Dooley (1870) m Elizabeth (1872)
Reginald Dooley (1898)
Hilda Dooley (1899)
Evelyn Dooley (1900)
Hannah Dooley (1874)
Mary Elizabeth Dooley (1876)
Louisa Dooley (1878)
Emily Dooley (1880-1966) m Henry Hartigan c 1919
Doris Hartigan
Lily Hartigan
James Henry Hartigan (1923-2000) m Olive May McNally
David James Hartigan m Barbara Hilary Belton in 1984
Sarah Jane Dooley c 1890


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