The Ellery Family

I’ve trialled a new way of setting out the family tree and updated the shortened story of the Ellery family. It looks good on mobile phones as well as the laptop. I would love you to have a look and see what you think. I’ve tried to keep it simple but attractive (that also makes it easier to work with and therefore more likely to be kept up to date). The Ellery Family


Chapels of Bwlchgwyn

This morning’s ambition was to finish off Gwenda’s pages, so that’s done, and the school page, then I started on the Chapels of Bwlchgwyn. The page has been updated with a few more memories and anecdotes, and I notice quite a few quotes from Gwenda. If anyone feels safe enough to brave the traffic between Bethesda and High View, I would love some pictures of the Old Chapel and also of any building remains on the opposite side of the road by High View. Please, pretty please?


Bwlchgwyn School

This page has had a major update including a change of name to Bwlchgwyn School (Hilary) to avoid confusion with Gwenda’s page which ends with (Gwenda).

I’ve added a couple more memories of my own to the page, included some quotes from Gwenda (though I might move them later) and will add some memories of dad’s stories soon.