The Salthouse Family of Nether Alderley

James Thomas Salthouse, son of William Salthouse of Nether Alderley

My grandfather James Thomas Salthouse was born in Liverpool but he used to tell my mother that he always enjoyed going to Alderley because the estate was so nice. Why did he go to Alderley?

Salthouse Family History

Family stories always suggested that the Salthouse family was firmly rooted in Liverpool. My great grandfather William Salthouse was a policeman in the city and he and his wife Janet Braidwood brought up their children in Liverpool; occasionally they made trips back to Alderley and Jim (James Thomas Salthouse), who was born in 1897, remembered them.

The story was spot on but there was, of course, much more to tell. The first known Salthouse of this family was Anthony who married Sophia Bradley in 1802 at Manchester (read more about Manchester weddings below). Of their children, one of the youngest, John Salthouse went to Great Warford as a journeyman shoemaker. When he married Lucy Walters in the neighbouring village of Nether Alderley he was a master shoemaker. John and Lucy set up home in Soss Moss, a location or hamlet between Great Warford and Nether Alderley with Nether Alderley having the greater pull on their lives.

There really wasn’t much to keep the children in Nether Alderley and much reason to do well at school and escape to a larger place before TB could settle your fate. William Salthouse was one of the children who escaped, first to the Wirral as a gardener and then, as soon as he reached the right age, he was accepted into the Liverpool City Police. Two momentous things happened. First he apprehended two very violent thieves, William and one of the thieves injured each other so seriously in the fight that followed that both were admitted to hospital. The residents were so relieved to be rid of the terror that was being wrought by the thieves that they collected £25 for William. In 1870 that was a small fortune. Secondly, in 1871 William obtained permission from his superior officer to marry Janet Braidwood. Not long afterwards, William resigned the police force to enter into business on his own account; his superior recorded that he was sorry to lose such a fine officer.

The connection with Alderley was easy to find. William Salthouse had been born in Alderley and the fact was recorded on every census return. Mother and I drove down to Alderley and were immediately offered help from the Mill and the Church – William’s sisters Annie and Lucy had lived in the shop across the road from the Mill and the Church had all the records relating to the family except for one. Through all the baptisms, marriages and burials we were able to trace the Nether Alderley family, we found the graves of those who died in the village, but we never, ever discovered what happened to the father, John Salthouse. No record of his death, burial, of any emigration or missing person notice or of being somewhere else. Nothing.

Marriage certificates completed the picture. Just at the age when Jim, the baby of the family, would have been taken by train to Alderley, the older siblings and first cousins were getting married. The cousins at Alderley would be witnesses for the siblings at Liverpool and vice versa. We have a photo of a wedding of one of Sophia Salthouse and Francis Worth’s daughters at Alderley and there, at the front, the two youngest lads and one of them is Jim Salthouse.

I have many stories to tell of the Salthouse family, but I have withdrawn temporarily the stories that were on my old website as there is so much updating to do. They will be back.


  • 3 x Great grandfather – Anthony Salthouse
  • 2 x Great grandfather – John Salthouse
  • Great Grandfather – William Salthouse
  • Grandfather – James Thomas Salthouse
  • Mother – Barbara Salthouse
  • Self – Hilary Belton

Salthouse Family Tree

This is the list derived from my personal research, so it is correct as far as I know, new research will always change something and I still have a LOT of research to do. A question mark suggests that I need to check something, three dots… indicate that I have more information but it is regarded as private because the individuals are still living. If you would like to be on the public list here, and no-one above you in the family tree objects (because they would have to be included also), just let me know and I’ll fix it.

Anthony Salthouse the head of this tree, originates, I believe, from Lancashire, probably not far inland from Southport. An old dictionary of surnames says that there are two distinct and unrelated Salthouse families, both from Lancashire, and both so called because they produced salt by allowing their fields to flood with sea water then enclosed the fields and allowed the water to evaporate, leaving a harvest of sea salt. My challenge is to find which Anthony from which Salthouse family in Lancashire. It may never be resolved.

One last note – you will see a lot of marriages taking place of Manchester Cathedral. Sadly not of royal standard – there were few places to get married so lots of couples would marry at the Cathedral (previously the parish church and the collegiate church) on the same day. Sometimes the weddings were conducted by the curate in the vestry, sometimes it was cheaper for the couple to find an address in Manchester whilst the banns were read (so the couple were, or appeared to be, living together) than to pay the fees at a closer church which was attached to the Cathedral and so incurred two sets of costs to the bride and groom. Sometimes I think a couple just wanted to get married and have the discussion with the families after the deed was done….

  • Anthony Salthouse of Lancashire 1770-1828 married Sophia Bradley of Prestbury, Cheshire 1781-1859 in 1802 at Manchester (Cathedral)
    • Margaret Salthouse of Prestbury 1802-1814? 
    • Anthony Salthouse of Didsbury, Cheshire 1803-1822
    • Ann Salthouse of Didsbury 1812-1906 married James Hathaway of Pyrton, Oxfordshire 1821-1905 in 1844 at Manchester (Cathedral)
      • Ellen Salthouse Hathaway of Ewelme, Oxfordshire 1846-1879 married John Justins of Reading 1840 (died Australia) in 1862 at Reading
        • Henry Justins of Ewelme 1865 married Annie Rowland of Ewelme
          • Edward Justins of Ewelme 1895 married Louise Green 1890 
            • Winnie Justins of Oxfordshire 1926
        • John Justins of Reading 1862
      • George F Hathaway of Ewelme 1848-1893
      • Ann Hathaway of Ewelme 1851-1888
      • Edwin Coxon Hathaway 1853-1933
    • Ellen Jane Salthouse of Didsbury 1815 married John Massey Ashcroft in 1836 at Manchester (Cathedral)
    • John Salthouse of Didsbury 1818 married Lucy Walters of Nether Alderley, Cheshire 1822-1875 in 1842 at Nether Alderley
      • Sophia Salthouse of Didsbury 1842-1922 married Francis Worth of Siddington 1828-1906 in 1865 at Manchester (Cathedral)
        • John Worth of Nether Alderley 1867-1938 married Charlotte Bailey of Gatley 1862-1938 in 1899 at Gatley
          • Dorothy Worth of Shaw (Oldham) 1900-1993 married Sidney Austin Williams of Llangollen 1904 in 1929 at Handforth
            • John Kenneth Williams of Llangollen 1935-1987…
            • Anne Isobel Worth Williams of Llangollen 1930
        • Isaac Worth of Nether Alderley 1869 married Elizabeth Worral of Delamere
          • Emily Sophia Worth married Edward Whitehead
          • Elizabeth Bessie Worth married Fred Mills 1899…
        • James Worth of Nether Alderley 1870 married Hannah Maria Hallworth in 1894 at Manchester (St John)
        • Esther Worth of Bollin Fee 1873-1961
        • Lucy Worth 1875 married Richard Thomas Hindley in 1901 at Nether Alderley
        • William Worth 1876-1933 married Ada Blanche Chambers 1872-1972 in 1900 at Moel Brace, Shrewsbury
          • Gladys Irene Worth 1901-1935 married William Beech 1900 in 1927 at Middleton…
          • Constance Iris Worth 1906-1984 married Stanley Charnock in 1935 at Broughton, Preston
        • Alfred Worth 1878
        • Sarah Ellen Worth 1880 married William Henry Adshead in 1910 at Nether Alderley
        • Colin Worth 1883
        • Fred Worth 1885
      • William Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1845-1912 married Janet Braidwood of Liverpool 1851-1938 in 1871 at Liverpool St George
        • Henry Salthouse of Everton 1888-1889
        • Lucy Salthouse of Liverpool 1872-1937
        • William Salthouse of Liverpool 1874-1906
        • John Braidwood Salthouse of Liverpool 1876-1965 married Mary Esther Roust in 1903 at Liverpool St Michael Toxteth Park
        • Annie Salthouse of Everton 1878-1880
        • Richard Salthouse of Everton 1880-1882
        • Francis Walters Salthouse of Everton 1883-1968 married Maud Foster of Aston 1885-1943 in 1908 at Aston, Warwickshire
          • Doris Maud Salthouse of Birmingham 1909-1926
        • Alfred Salthouse of Liverpool 1885-1948 married Lily Carson of West Derby 1886-1936 in 1908 at Toxteth Park Register Office
          • Alfred Braidwood Salthouse of Toxteth Park 1909-1991 married Ada Mary Thomas…
          • Ronald Salthouse of Prescot 1911-1974 married Connie L Grimshaw of Henley on Thames 1916-1978 in 1939 at Pancras, Middlesex
          • Francis Walters Salthouse of Liverpool 1913-1914
          • Marjorie Jeanette Salthouse of Liverpool 1917-1982 married Ernest William Lindsay died 1999, in Scotland…
          • Harold James Salthouse of Liverpool 1919-1987 married Sarah Catherine Hogarth of Frosterley, Durham 1925-2013 in 1843 at Halifax…
          • Dorothy Salthouse of Liverpool 1925-1933
        • Janet Salthouse of Liverpool 1890-1967 married James C Johnston died 1954, in 1931 at Walton On The Hill, St Luke
          • Andrew James Johnston of Liverpool 1933-1994…
        • James Thomas Salthouse of Liverpool 1897-1978 married Gertrude Maud Ralston of Liverpool 1903-1988
          • James Thomas Salthouse 1912-1923
          • Barbara Salthouse of Liverpool 1927-2011 married 1) Edmund William Burton of Bourne 1927-2003 2) William Arthur Belton of Bwlchgwyn 1920-1996…
            • Hilary Belton
      • Ann (Annie) Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1844-1906
      • John Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1847-1871
      • Alfred Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1849-1850
      • James Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1850-1907 married Fanny Holding of Warrington 1859 in 1878 at Salford, St Phillip
        • William Salthouse of Salford 1881-1927 married Amy Gauntlett in 1902 at Salford, Stowell Memorial
          • Lucy May Salthouse of Chorlton 1903
          • Alice Salthouse of Chorlton 1909 married Herbert Philip George Chamberlain…
        • Annie Salthouse of Salford 1882-1930 married Peter Catterall 1879-1950 in 1905 at Alderley Edge
          • Lillian Catterall 1907-1988 married Albert Holyhead 1908-1997
        • Fanny Salthouse
        • Lucy Salthouse
      • Samuel Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1853-1877
      • Daughter Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1855-1855
      • Albert Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1856-1857
      • Lucy Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1859-1934 married Edward Potts of Over Alderley 1866-1947 in 1896 at Nether Alderley
        • Herbert Edward Potts of Nether Alderley 1897-1918
        • Winifred Annie Potts of Nether Alderley 1901-1975 married Charles Frederick Dutton of Macclesfield 1897-1973
          • Mabel Dutton of Runcorn 1923
          • Olga Patricia Dutton of Macclesfield 1930-2006 married Stanley Arthur Selby in 1957 at Macclesfield…
      • Herbert Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1860-1864
    • Sarah Salthouse of Didsbury 1805 married Moses Chappell of Didsbury 1805-1883 in 1825 at Manchester (Cathedral)
      • Elizabeth Chappell 1821
      • William Chappell 1826
      • James Light Salthouse Chappell of Heaton Norris 1827-1903 married 1) Ann O’Donnell of Liverpool 1831-1852 in 1851 at Manchester St Mary 2) Sarah Coe of Ashton under Lyne 1833 in 1854 at Manchester (Cathedral)
        • 2} Sophia Anne Chappell of Hulme 1855 married Solomon Cross of Blackpool 1861 in 1884 at Edge Hill, St Cyprian
          • Mabel A Cross of Blackpool 1894
          • Jane Victoria Cross of Blackpool 1897
        • 2) Maria Alice Chappell of Hulme 1857
        • 2) Sarah Ellen Chappell of Hulme 1859 married Leonard Elliott of Patricroft 1862
          • Geraldine Elliott of Buxton 1886
          • Bertram L Elliott of Stockport 1892
        • 2) Emma Louise Chappell of Hulme 1860
        • 2) Charles Herbert Moses Chappell of Manchester 1863 married Mary E Graham of Manchester 1867
          • Annie Chappell of Blackpool 1890
          • Charles B Chappell of Blackpool 1892
          • James A Chappell of Blackpool 1894
            • Norman Chappell…
          • Florence Chappell of Blackpool 1899
        • 2) Ellen G Chappell of Isle of Man 1868
        • 2) Geraldine A Chappell of Liverpool 1870
      • Sophia Chappell of Manchester 1832 married James Deane of Manchester 1829
        • Geraldine Deane of Manchester 1851
      • Ann Chappell of Didsbury 1834 married Thomas Tuffnell Thompson in 1864 at Macclesfield

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