David’s grandfather, Henry Hartigan, was born Henry Renshaw in 1878. In 1881 he was living with at 35 Siever Street in Salford. His mother, Margaret is recorded as being the head of the household and a widow. Also at that address was his older brother Martin and younger sister, Hannah; his half brothers and sisters John, James (probably should be Thomas) and Jane Ann Renshaw. 

Margaret, his mother, and his eldest stepbrother, John Renshaw, were both hawkers and Siever Street is mentioned in a newspaper report as being a very rough area of the city, so it would seem that times were very hard for the family.

In 1886 Henry’s mother, Margaret Renshaw, died. The family history is that Martin and Henry went to St Joseph’s Children’s Home in Eccles, but in 1891 Henry – now called Henry Hartigan – was a schoolboy at St Joseph’s Industrial School in Longsight. Margaret’s ‘second husband’ Martin Hartigan also died in 1890.

In 1891 Henry Hartigan is at St Joseph’s Industrial School in Longsight. On census night his older brother, Martin, is visiting Mr and Mrs Askley, coal dealers, at 55 Markendale Street, Ordsall; his younger sister, Hannah, has been taken in by her older half sister, Jane Ann, who is married to Patrick Mullaugh and living at Harry Street, Ordsall (Hannah is called Annie Renshaw). The oldest half brother, John Renshaw, is married to Frances Lee and living at West Park Street, Ordsall, where he has a greengrocer’s shop and where they also look after Frances’ younger sisters. Of James Renshaw I have found no trace but I am told that this is probably a mistake and should refer, instead, to Thomas Renshaw who is living at 28 East Robert Street with his wife Elizabeth and their children.

Except for Henry in Longsight, the family seems to have stayed close together in Ordsall. Family history says that by 1898 Martin and Henry were working in Weaste for a man who kept horses; one of the horses kicked Martin and he died. The incident is recorded in the newspaper.

In 1901 there is no trace of Henry Hartigan (or Renshaw). Hannah, now as a Hartigan, is still living with Jane and Patrick but they have moved to West Park Street in Ordsall. Hannah is a paper sorter at a paper mill. John Renshaw is still a greengrocer but has moved up to Christopher Street on the other side of Regent Road; his first wife, Frances, has died and he has married Agnes Melrose. 

Henry Hartigan married Annie Fullalove in 1905, they don’t appear to have had any children. In 1915, after Annie died, Henry married Emily Frimston, a widow born Emily Dooley. Henry and Emily had 3 children: Doris, Lillian and James Henry Hartigan. Henry Hartigan died in 1943 and was buried in Peel Green Cemetery. For many years Henry appears to have worked as a carter then he worked as a road builder and labourer for the Manchester Ship Canal.


Renshaw Tree

This part of the Renshaw family is from Salford, UK

 Renshaw Tree

Renshaw Family

Renshaw History

The Renshaw family is connected with the Hartigan family because, after John Renshaw’s death, Margaret Joynt ‘married’ Martin Hartigan and had four more children, including Henry Hartigan, who was registered at birth as Henry Renshaw.

John Renshaw (-1875) m Margaret Joynt (1943-1886) at St Matthews, Liverpool Road, Manchester 
John Renshaw (1864-) m (1) Frances Lee (1867-1894) in 1887 at St Philip’s Church, Salford and (2) Agnes Melrose (-1901) in 1895 at Stowell Memorial Church, Ordsall
Nellie Renshaw (1889-)
Alice Renshaw (1891-1892)
John Renshaw (1893-) m Jane Eaton
Lawrence Renshaw
John Henry Renshaw
Alice Renshaw (1894-)
Agnes Renshaw (1896-)
Lillian Renshaw (1897-)
Annie Renshaw (1900-)
Jane Ann Renshaw (1868-1934) m Patrick Mullaugh in 1888 at St Joseph’s RC Church, Craven Street, Ordsall
Margaret Mullaugh (1889-1922)
Alice Mullaugh (1892-1940)
Rose Ann Mullaugh (1894-1971)
Frances Mullaugh (1897-)
John Mullaugh (1900-)
David Mullaugh (1903-1944) m Mary Jane McKeown
Thomas Renshaw (1873-) m Elizabeth Daniels in 1894 at St Bartholomews, Ordsall, Salford
Elizabeth Ann Renshaw (1895-1937)
Alice Renshaw (1898-1976)
Amy Renshaw 1900
Thomas Renshaw (1902-1978)
John Henry Renshaw (1905-)
Stanley Renshaw (1908-1949) m Gladys Annie Buxey

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