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Fanny Holding

James Salthouse married Fanny Holding at St Philip’s Church, Salford on 16th December, 1878.

What do we know about Fanny Holding’s family?

The marriage certificate of 1878 shows that James Salthouse was over the age of 21, a bachelor and an engine driver, he gave his address as 8 Park Terrace, Salford; his father was John Salthouse, a shoemaker. Fanny Holding was 18, a spinster and was not employed; her father was George Holding, a cabinet maker. Their witnesses were Joshua William Oakes and Caroline Guest.

It is often interesting to trace the witnesses to the marriage to see whether they are relatives, friends or even business acquaintances. Joshua William Oakes was a cabinet maker, as was Fanny’s father, so we can only speculate that he was a business acquaintance who also became a family friend. (More information about Joshua William Oakes is added below).

So, from the marriage certificate, we are told that Fanny Holding was born in about 1860 and was the daughter of a cabinet maker. It seems that Fanny and James were neighbours, living almost opposite each other at Park Terrace, Salford in 1878. According to the census returns, Fanny was born in Warrington, possibly in Penketh.

In 1871 Fanny is already living at 1 Park Terrace, Salford, she is 10 years old and lives with her brother James Holding, age 16, her sister Ava Holding who is 18, and her mother, described as Sarah Ann Winterbottom, wife, married, age 43 and a cabinet maker’s wife. Fanny’s father, George, is boarding in Southport, at 73 Tulketh Street, and he is working as a cabinet maker. By 1871 there was an excellent railway service between Salford and Southport so it would not have been difficult for George to stay in Southport during the week. Fanny’s mother, Sarah, died in 1876, when Fanny was 16.

Two years later, Fanny marries Joseph Salthouse and by 1881 they are living with their two month old son, William, at 64 West Clowes Street, Salford. Their daughter, Annie, is born the next year. George Holding, now a widower and still a cabinet maker, appears to be living on his own at 1 Park Terrace, Salford.

By 1891 Fanny and James Salthouse have moved to 29 High Street, Newton Heath, Manchester. James is still a railway engine driver and Newton Heath is the location of a large network of railway yards and sidings; they still appear to have just the two children, William and Annie, now aged 10 and 9 respectively. Fanny’s brother, James, who is now 36, has taken his family to live at 232 Church Street, Bollin Fee, Wilmslow; he describes himself as a hawker and upholsterer – it is interesting that he has taken up a trade which is related to his father’s trade as a cabinet maker, the fact that he also describes himself as a hawker reflects, I think, that he is building up his business by door-to-door selling or repairing as he appears to be able to afford a better property. James and his wife, Ada, have six children: Annie (15), Albert (13), William (11), George (8), Clara (6) and Lily (5).

Finally, in 1901 Fanny and James Salthouse are still living in Newton Heath but have moved to 10 Daisy Bank; their son, William, is now 20 years old, still living at home and employed as a postman. Fanny’s father, George, now 71, must be very unwell as he is an “inmate at Chorlton upon Medlock, Little Sisters of the Poor”. Fanny’s brother, James, now describes himself just as an upholsterer and has moved to a possibly better address at 23 London Road, Alderley Edge, perhaps with more room for the six children who were still at home: Annie (24), William (21, house painter), Clara (18, dressmaker), George (18, stone mason), Lily (15) and Ada (9). Their son, Albert Holding, now 24, has left home on his marriage to Amy. He is a coachman (domestic) and they have a daughter, Fanny, who is one year old, the family lived at 176 South Street, Alderley Edge.

Back to the witness at the wedding, Joshua William Oakes was a cabinet maker from Leicester. In 1871 Joshua was 18, a cabinet maker living with his father, also Joshua, a master spinner, and his mother, Emily, whose occupation I can’t read, in Leicester.  By 1881 he was married, 27, and living at 9 Rathbone Place, Liverpool (Rodney Street District). In 1891 he is in Leicester at 25 Welford Road, Leicester and in 1901, Joshua Oakes, 47, is back in Leicester, at 41 Walnut Street, employed as a cabinet maker.


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