This is the holding page for all the submenus that fly out from ‘People’ tab on the navigation bar. All the interesting stuff is on those submenu pages so persevere through a long list (it might get longer) whilst I carry on building the site.

This is a good place, however, for the housekeeping – guides to transcriptions and errors for anyone just beginning their family search,

The Surname Menu

  • This lists every surname that I had on the pages when the old site was last in good working order, some time before 2011.
  • Some surnames will have their own page.
  • Some surnames will link to another surname – these will usually be the surnames of wives and husbands of family who, poor things, don’t have enough information attached to them in my files to give them pages of their own. At the moment.
  • The list is likely to change often.
  • Not all of the surnames will be linked to me or my husband – some of my friends have interesting ancestors, too, and I have permission to tell those stories. Sometimes I meet some very interesting people on my journeys through history only to find that they are not related. So what! If there’s a good story, I’ll tell it. I’ll also say that we are probably not related.
  • If, when I’ve copied everything over from the present website (I’ll make a note on the News page) you find that a surname is missing, please let me know.
  • And if you have anything you would like to add, whether stories or pictures, it should now be possible.
  • You won’t find many references on these pages. This is not intended to be an academic document, it is the friendly front for what goes on behind the scenes. The documented and referenced research is retained for my own use and for that million dollar book that I’m going to write one day and secure the fortunes of me and my family. Well, you never know, do you? One can live in hope, or as they used to say in Bwlchgwyn, with reference to two villages across the border into Flintshire, ‘he lived in Hope and died in Caergwrle’. That’s reality for you.
  • Lastly, over the years I have been given photographs to use but, with more important commitments and then a broken website, I couldn’t deal with them. And if anyone else suffers brain fog as bad as I’ve had, inability to concentrate and solve any problems, I can only say that after a course of Vitamin B12 I’ve got my head back. Here is the evidence – I have tried zillions of times to rebuild that website and now – it’s a doddle! So apologies to anyone who thinks that I’ve disregarded their generosity, those pictures will be added asap!