Braidwood Family History Summary

The Braidwood family featured in this history emanates from an area roughly stringing along from Glasgow to Edinburgh together with a connection with the Carron Iron Works.  The family story, however, is that Janet Braidwood’s family were important butchers in Paisley or Edinburgh. Iron workers or butchers? Both, as it happens, but not necessarily in the order of the family stories.

The first reliable sighting of this family is when William Braidwood married Janet Ingles in Lanark. I do have information about these older family members but, until I check it all out, the basics will have to suffice. Perhaps the family had been content and able to make a living in Scotland up until perhaps the 1840s, the main trade seems to have centered at that time around various ironwroks, but their three sons, George, John and William were to be part of a move away from Scotland and down to Liverpool.

The eldest son, George, was probably in Liverpool for a few years before he died there in 1849. The second son, John, was born in Carnworth and moved to Larbert. Although he never left Scotland, it was his son, also called John, who arrived in Liverpool sometime before 1848 – for all we know he may have travelled down with his uncle George and they might have worked together in an iron foundry in Liverpool. The bare bones of the story are told by census and certificates but there might be more to find.

John Braidwood didn’t work in the iron foundry for long, perhaps only long enough to get himself settled with a small amount of capital. Having been a labourer when he married the widow Mary McKinsey in 1846, he was established as a butcher in Currie Street, Liverpool by 1851. Currie Street was near St Martins and John Braidwood eventually became well known with a stall in the market itself. He also appeared in the newspapers – sometimes ‘recommended’ for the quality of the beasts that he procured, sometimes summonsed for trade misdemeanours.

He must have been a shrewd businessman, by 1869 he had moved to an establishment next to Cabbage Hall and was able to keep himself, his wife and his daughters in a lower-middle class style. He died only a year later, not long to enjoy the fruits of his labours, but there seems to have been some money left to his wife. That same year a tall, fair haired policeman named William Salthouse asked John Braidwood’s daughter, Janet, for her hand in marriage. Janet agreed and William Salthouse and his bride lived with her mother for a year, probably looking after her until she died.

John’s real legacy was the way in which he provided for his family of six girls. Those whom I can trace all married well and led comfortable, possibly middle class or lower middle class lives and the stories of some of them will make for interesting reading later.


  • 4 x Great grandfather – William Braidwood
  • 3 x Great grandfather – John Braidwood
  • 2 x Great grandfather – John Braidwood
  • Great grandmother – Janet Braidwood
  • Grandfather – James Thomas Salthouse
  • Mother – Barbara Salthouse
  • Self – Hilary Belton

Braidwood Family Tree (more details to follow)

  • William Braidwood of Lanark married Janet Ingles
    • George Braidwood of Carnworth 1782-1849 married 1) Ann Rintoul 1782 and 2) Rachel Carron 1786-1874
      • Euphemia Braidwood of Leith South 1806
      • George Braidwood of Leith South 1808 married Clementina Muirhead of Liverpool in 1830 at Edinburgh, St Cuthbert
        • William Braidwood of Liverpool 1834
        • Janet Braidwood of Liverpool 1836
        • Alexander Braidwood of Liverpool 1838
      • William Braidwood of Leith South 1813-1813
      • John Braidwood of Leith South 1815
      • Janet Braidwood of Leith South 1817-1817
      • Rachel Braidwood of Leith South 1819
      • William Braidwood of Leith South 1821
      • Janet Braidwood of Leith South 1825
      • Eleanora Braidwood of Leith South 1827
      • James Braidwood of Leith South 1829
    • John Braidwood of Carnworth 1784-1846 married 1) Jean Miller/Millar of Carnworth 1792-1821 and 2) Jean Bell
      • 1) Janet Braidwood of Carnworth 1809-1897 married Peter K Rae 1806-1883
        • Jane Rae 1841
        • Bethia Rae 1844
        • Peter Rae of Larbert 1851
      • 1) William Braidwood of Carnworth 1810 married Elizabeth Scott
      • 1) James Braidwood of Carnworth 1812
      • 1) George Braidwood of Carnworth 1812
      • 1) James Braidwood of Larbert 1815
      • 1) John Braidwood of Larbert 1817-1870 married Mary McKinsey née Hesketh 1818-1872 in 1846 at Liverpool, St Nicholas
        • Mary Braidwood of Liverpool 1849-1919 married Richard Baxendale of Fleetwood 1848-1911 
          • John Braidwood Baxendale 1869 married Elizabeth Jane Watson in 1897 in Liverpool
          • Henry Baxendale 1871 married Mary Charlotte Nettle in 1900 at Liverpool
          • Mary Baxendale 1873 married John Herbert Wright in 1901
          • Annie Baxendale 1875 married David Owen Coutts 1903
          • William Baxendale 1878
          • Thomas Bullen Baxendale 1880
        • Janet Braidwood of Liverpool 1851-1938 married William Salthouse of Nether Alderley 1845-1912 in 1871 at Liverpool St George
          • Henry Salthouse of Everton 1888-1889
          • Lucy Salthouse of Liverpool 1872-1937
          • William Salthouse of Liverpool 1874-1906
          • John Braidwood Salthouse of Liverpool 1876-1965 married Mary Esther Roust in 1903 at Liverpool St Michael Toxteth Park
          • Annie Salthouse of Everton 1878-1880
          • Richard Salthouse of Everton 1880-1882
          • Francis Walters Salthouse of Everton 1883-1968 married Maud Foster of Aston 1885-1943 in 1908 at Aston, Warwickshire
            • Doris Maud Salthouse of Birmingham 1909-1926
          • Alfred Salthouse of Liverpool 1885-1948 married Lily Carson of West Derby 1886-1936 in 1908 at Toxteth Park Register Office
            • Alfred Braidwood Salthouse of Toxteth Park 1909-1991 married Ada Mary Thomas…
            • Ronald Salthouse of Prescot 1911-1974 married Connie L Grimshaw of Henley on Thames 1916-1978 in 1939 at Pancras, Middlesex
            • Francis Walters Salthouse of Liverpool 1913-1914
            • Marjorie Jeanette Salthouse of Liverpool 1917-1982 married Ernest William Lindsay died 1999, in Scotland…
            • Harold James Salthouse of Liverpool 1919-1987 married Sarah Catherine Hogarth of Frosterley, Durham 1925-2013 in 1943 at Halifax…
            • Dorothy Salthouse of Liverpool 1925-1933
          • Janet Salthouse of Liverpool 1890-1967 married James C Johnston died 1954, in 1931 at Walton On The Hill, St Luke
            • Andrew James Johnston of Liverpool 1933-1994…
          • James Thomas Salthouse of Liverpool 1897-1978 married Gertrude Maud Ralston of Liverpool 1903-1988
            • James Thomas Salthouse 1912-1923
            • Barbara Salthouse of Liverpool 1927-2011 married 1) Edmund William Burton of Bourne 1927-2003 2) William Arthur Belton of Bwlchgwyn 1920-1996…
              • Hilary Belton
        • Elizabeth Braidwood 1853
        • Ann Braidwood of Liverpool 1855-1929 married Thomas Flemming in 1874 at Liverpool, St Peter’s Prebyterian Church
          • Jane Flemming of Liverpool 1877-1920 (died in Australia) married David Crombie in 1901 Walton on the Hill, Trinity Presbyterian Church
            • Annie Braidwood Crombie of New Hebrides (South Pacific Ocean) 1911-1995 married Alexander Henderson
              • Jane Margaret Henderson 1936 married Barrie Hill
              • Ian Henderson of Australia 1940 married Joy…
            • David Crombie
            • Thomas Crombie
          • William Flemming
          • Thomas Flemming
        • Johan Braidwood of Liverpool 1858 married Francis Samuel Luke of Brazil 1854-1888 in 1877 in Liverpool
          • Frederick Luke of Liverpool 1879
          • Florence Luke of Liverpool 1880 married John S Latchford in 1906 at Liverpool, Methodist Church, Whitefield Road.
        • Martha Braidwood of Liverpool 1860
      • 1) Robert Braidwood of Larbert 1819
      • 2) Jean Braidwood of Larbert 1822
      • 2) Joan Braidwood of Larbert 1822
      • 2) Grizle Braidwood of Larbert 1824
      • 2) Isabella Braidwood of Larbert 1824
      • 2) Robert Braidwood of Larbert 1826
      • 2) Francis Braidwood of Larbert 1829
      • 2) Thomas Braidwood of Larbert 1831
      • 2) Elizabeth Braidwood of Larbert 1834
    • William Braidwood of Carnworth 1790 married Mary Greenhorn in 1818 at Larbert
      • Christian Braidwood of Larbert 1818 married Alexander Adamson
        • Mary Adamson married Charles Walker
          • Nellie Nora Walker
      • Mary Braidwood of Larbert 1818
      • William Braidwood of Larbert 1824
      • Alexander Braidwood of Larbert 1826
      • Grizzle Braidwood of Larbert 1826


Please remember that the information on this website is only accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. If any of the information is relevant to your own research, please double-check the sources.