The Links Page

The Links page is very much a list for me, so that I can revisit sites and sources of information easily. At the top of the page there is a list, a framework, and this corresponds with the order of the links further down the page. Not all links are included yet, I add them as I go.

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Welcome to my History Pages

This is my new site, replacing the ‘broken’ site at http://www.belton.me.uk. Not everything has been transferred, that’s a work in progress, but the main starting points are The Belton family of Bwlchgwyn, the Ellery family of Cornwall, the Salthouse family of Nether Alderley and Liverpool, the Ralston family of Liverpool, the Braidwood family of Scotland and Liverpool, the Dooley family of Stoke on Trent, and the Joynt, Hartigan, Mcnally/McAnally and Hudson families of Ireland¬†and the Renshaw family of Stretford. Scroll down the People menu for names with a family tree and search the Surnames page in the People menu for most of the other surnames on this site.

There will also be stories about people not related to us. They might be people who only share a surname but who have interesting tales to tell, they could be connected with my friends’ families, or be part of the times and places where these families lived. It will take a while to upload them, but their stories are interesting.

Please get in touch if you can add to anything on these pages, expand on the family trees or just have a family or history interest in common. There is a contact link on the top menu.

Site Updates

Many Changes

The Memorial pages have been improved again, but the main changes has been to move this Blog to be the first page that you see when you visit the site, the previous Home page is still available on the menu bar. The top menu has been simplified and, now, when you look at the Blog page you can see the categories and titles on the right. A lot more work to do on this, but it’s beginning to work the way the way I want it to work.