Dodd (of N. Wales)


I remember trying to trace this family about ten years ago and not getting very far. Some families just don’t leave good trails! I will have another go one day; I even need to check on Edward Dodd’s marriage and check it for accuracy. Ann Dodd, however, obtained a position in domestic Servant at Nant y Ffrith Hall and met and married Robert Belton, my great grandfather.


  • Great great grandfather   Edward Dodd
  • Great grandmother   Ann Dodd
  • Grandfather   Arthur Belton
  • Father   William Arthur Belton
  • Self   Hilary Belton

Family Tree

  • Edward Dodd died 1851 at Wrexham married Elizabeth Price of Broughton 1829
    • Ann Dodd of Wrexham 1849 married Robert Belton of Bwlchgwyn in 1917 at St Giles, Wrexham
      • Arthur Belton – please see Belton page


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