Nuttall Tree

This part of the Nuttall family is from Liverpool, UK

 Nuttall Tree

great great grandfather  William Ellery
great grandmother Amelia Ellery
grandmother Gertrude Maud Ralston 
mother Barbara Salthouse 
Hilary Barbara Hilary Belton

The Nuttall family is connected to the Ellery family by marriage. Amelia Ellery’s sister, Grace Ellery, married Henry Nuttall

William Ellery  (1838) ‘m’ Grace (1832)
John Ellery  (1861)
Amelia Ellery  (1869)  married John Alexander Ralston (1860-1929) in 1890
William Ralston (1896)
John Alexander (2) Ralston (1892)
David Ralston (1894)
Amelia Ralston (1898) m Jim McCluskey    
Gertrude Maud Ralston (1903) m James Thomas Salthouse (1897)
James Thomas Salthouse (1923-1923)
Barbara Salthouse m William Arthur Belton
Barbara Hilary Belton
Albert Ralston (1908)
Doris Ralston (abt 1910) m Jack Mann (-2003)
Alfred Ellery  (1873) m Margaret Simm in 1894
George Ellery  (1875)
Grace Ellery  (1877) –  married Henry Nuttall (1873)  in 1897
Herbert Henry Nuttall (1902)


The Nuttall family are only related to our family by a marriage – there is no direct line. But the Nuttalls seem to have been a well-placed family and it is thought that Henry Nuttall or his son Herbert Nuttall may have been a Liverpool City Councillor and may even have been Mayor. Does anyone know the names of Liverpool City Councillors in the 1930’s?

1 April 2005 – Liverpool City Council have unwittingly answered my question! They have posted onto their website a list of all the Lord Mayors since the city was formed and, surprise, surprise, no-one called Nuttall is in the list! He may well have been a councillor, but never became Mayor.

Henry Nuttall joins the family when he married Grace Ellery, sister to Amelia Ellery my great-grandmother. ‘Aunt Grace’ was a dressmaker and my mother remembers Aunt Grace making dresses for her.

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