McNally Summary

This McNally family, earlier known as the McAnally family, is first found in Magherafelt, Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Thomas McAnally married Jane Hudson, also of Magherafelt, in 1879 at Woods Chapel, Magherafelt. Very soon after the wedding they  left Ireland for Whitehaven and settled there, having two children and managing as best they could in the poorest part of the town where, it seems, there was work for Thomas.

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  • 2 x Great grandfather – James McAnally
  • Great grandfather – Thomas McAnally/McNally
  • Grandfather   James McAnally/McNally
  • Mother   Olive May McNally
  • Self   David Hartigan

McNally Family Tree

  • James McAnally
    • Thomas McAnally of Ireland c1855 married Jane Hudson of Ireland 1862 in 1879 at Woods Chapel, Magherafelt, Ireland
      • Mary McAnally of Whitehaven 1880-1915
      • James McAnally/McNally of Whitehaven 1881-1958 married Mary Jane Kenny of Manchester 1889-1941
        • John James McNally 1917-1972
        • Thomas Joseph McNally 1921-1948
        • Olive May McNally 1925-1983
          • David Hartigan


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