Born in Siddington in 1826, the son of John Worth and Esther Buckley, Francis Worth married Sophia Salthouse in 1865 at Manchester Cathedral, he was about 14 years older than her and signed the register with his mark. 

I have wondered why they married at Manchester Cathedral and not at St Mary’s in Nether Alderley (traditionally they would have married at the bride’s church), did they want a quiet wedding, perhaps unknown to their families as they used an address of convenience (3 Boden Street, Ardwick) for the Banns? Or was Francis working there as a porter at the time? Francis’ parents were married at Manchester Cathedral so perhaps they just wanted to continue a family tradition? Perhaps the answer is simply that it was less expensive to go direct to the Collegiate Church in Manchester to be married than to pay fees to bothe the Collegiate Church and the local church of their choice.

Within a few years of their marriage they were living in one of the lodges in Nether Alderley; Francis was an agricultural labourer whilst Sophia was a laundress. They had eleven children (that I know of), all of whom survived childhood.

Worth Tree

This part of the Worth family is from Nether Alderley, UK

 Worth Tree

Worth Family

great great great grandparents  Anthony Salthouse and  Sophia Bradley 
great great grandfather  John Salthouse
great great aunt  Sophia Salthouse m Francis Worth
grandfather  James Thomas Salthouse 
mother Barbara Salthouse 
Hilary Barbara Hilary Belton

Great, great, great grandfather Anthony Salthouse married Sophia Bradley at Manchester Cathedral in 1802, their son John was born in 1818 and christened at St James Church, Didsbury (South Manchester). 

John married Lucy Walters and their first child was Sophia Salthouse. John and Lucy settled in Nether Alderley where John was a shoemaker. In due course, Sophia married Francis Worth; they lived with their children at one of the lodges at the entrance to Alderley Park, Sophia was a laundress and Francis was a gardener.


John Worth (1785-) of Siddington m Esther Buckley (1788-) in 1819 at Manchester Cathedral
 Francis Worth (1828-1906) m Sophia Salthouse (1843-1922) in 1865 at Manchester Cathedral, they continued to live in the Nether Alderley area, Francis was generally an agricultural labourer and Sophia was a laundress
John Worth (1867-) of Alderley m Charlotte Nettle in Crompton (Oldham) police officer
Dorothy Worth (1900-) of Shaw, Oldham
Isaac Worth (1869-) of Alderley m Elizabeth and lived at Godley, gardener
James Worth (1871-) of Alderley m Hannah; became a policeman at Crosby
Esther Worth (1873-1961) of Bollin Fee, died at Nether Alderley scullery maid at Alderley Park, later laundress on own account at home
Lucy Worth (1875-) in service at Lancaster in 1901
William Worth (1877) later living at Preston police house
Alfred Worth (1878-) later a gardener domestic, living at Pendleton (Salford)
Sarah Ellen Worth (1870-) laundress in 1901
Collin Worth (1883-) later a railway platelayer living in Manchester
Fred Worth (1885-) gardener domestic in 1901


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