Lloyds Shipping Registers

This morning I am reviewing a presentation by Ken Nisbet, on the theme of researching WW1, that was organised by the Anglo-Scots Society (part of the MLFHS) at the Manchester Central Library recently. Whilst verifying all the links for the article I came across this great site for finding scanned volumes of the Lloyds Shipping Registers and I’ve added it to the Links Map page.

Lloyds Register of Shipping Online

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Braidwood Tree Updated

William Salthouse married Janet Braidwood in 1871 at Liverpool. The Braidwood tree is very significant for this branch of the Salthouses, I seem to remember mum saying that the red hair was a Braidwood trait – and also that her grandmother, Janet – always pronounced as Jennett – seemed to be very stern and no-nonsense but also a very likeable person. I’ve updated the tree tonight, but this is a tree that needs to be filled out with detail, much of which I already have, it’s on the ‘to do’ list.