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Liverpool Workhouse Registers

A few days ago I went with David and his cousin and her mother to Liverpool Central Library, mostly to look for David’s Joynt records; each one of us had some research questions to try and answer whilst we were there. The filmed Workhouse Registers for 1859-60 were easy to find and we had good reason to think that the elusive ancestor might have spent a night or two, at least, in the workhouse, but he wasn’t to be found amongst any of the records. Other people were found, though, including a Joynt that we hadn’t seen before. Not finding someone in a record set does close one line of enquiry, that is a result of sorts. We continue the search.

Liverpool Building, Liverpool
Pier Head, Liverpool.

Joynt (Jane) Updated

Jane Joynt, who married Henry Joynt, was the mother of Margaret Joynt. Whilst much of Jane and Henry’s trees are identical, Jane did remarry after (presumably) Henry died and so her tree contains her ‘Pixton family’ children. There was close contact between Margaret Joynt and one of her Pixton half sisters so it’s good to see them all on the same lineage. William Pixton also married twice so has his own page even though he is only connected by marriage.